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Our courses

We offer maintenance courses for all types of bicycles in Zurich and Winterthur. We are convinced that with the right training and the right tools, anyone can solve most of the technical problems that arise on a bicycle.With our suggestions you will be ready to enjoy every single ride with your bike. 


There are different levels of courses available: from the bicycle of daily use, to the racing bike; from repairing an inner tube to adjusting an electronic gearbox.



We are the first and only Park Tool School in Switzerland and we collaborate with several important institutions such as the City of Zurich and ProVelo Zurich.


All our courses are:

✔︎ Twice useful

Visiting our workshop you benefit twice: you learn how to repair your bike and you go home with a fully functional bike.

✔︎ Practical

Our workshops focus on solving real problems and on solutions and strategies that participants can test and practice on their own bikes on the spot.

✔︎ Exchange

Our courses offer the perfect opportunity to meet other cyclists and to exchange experiences.


For beginners who use the bicycle as a means of transport or who have recently bought a bike and want to learn how to take care of it. 


CHF 60.-


For people who already have maintenance knowledge. You will learn how small details can make the difference.


CHF 230.-


Designed for children, it focused on safety and basics of bike maintenance, with games and hands-on activities.


CHF 50.-


Here you can learn the basic functions of your GPS device: from planning activities to interacting with training software and privacy.


CHF 80.-


For team events as team building to fleet management and repairs, we always have the right answer for companies.


On demand


You can decide for yourself what you want to learn, and then we can plan the day and the course type together according to your needs.


On demand

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