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Our courses for CHILDREN

Course details

Designed for children and schools. With games and practical activities, this course focuses on the basics of bike safety and addresses the basic concepts of maintenance. On request, it can be a great idea for birthday parties.


Course recipients

  ✔︎ Primary school (1st to 6th class)

  ✔︎ Secondary school (7th to 9th class)



  ✔︎ No prerequisites 

  ✔︎ The children have to bring their own bike

Course themes

  ✔︎ Security check

  ✔︎ Traffic management while riding

  ✔︎ Bicycle cleaning

  ✔︎ How to change a inner tube

  ✔︎ Gears adjustment (only for secondary school)

  ✔︎ Brakes adjustment (only for secondary school)

Course goals

  ✔︎ Development of the child's fine craftsmanship

  ✔︎ The child learns to recognize the connection between cause and effect

  ✔︎ The child learns how to take care of his own bike 

  ✔︎ Know how a  bike works

  ✔︎ The child begins to see the bicycle as a means of transport and not just as a game

  ✔︎ The child develops an awareness of how to deal with traffic

Duration: 4 hours

Price: CHF 50.- 

Number of participants5-8 participants

Location: VeloKliniK, Herostrasse 7, 8048 Zurich

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